U14/Grades 7th-8th

Experienced 6th Graders With Coaches Recommendation

* Coaches Manage their Team Rosters and Send Roster Invites to Players Directly! Please communicate with your coach/Program Coordinator!

*If you are a 'free agent' player (no existing team) and would like to register with an existing Middle School Fall Ball teams, please contact FirstCoastLacrosse@Gmail.com!

Now entering the 14th year of competition, First Coast Fall Ball League (FCL) is one of the most established lacrosse leagues in the southern U.S.

League  Philosophy

Help players take their game to the next level and provide quality playing experiences with US Lacrosse certified officials! We follow US Lacrosse U14 Rules!


League Dates 2020

Every Sunday starting on September 13 through October 11, 2020

Game Format

Each Middle School team ONE 50-minute games every Sunday. Format will be 12v12 but could be smaller sided based on league participation. Full-Field games are played on the area’s best women's lacrosse fields. 


Play against other local middle school teams in North Florida. The league will consist of approximately 8 teams.

League Fees



TEAM Registration

Middle School coaches must register their teams with the league director prior to be provided individual player registration link!

Covid-19 Policies to Protect Teams:

ADULTS: CDC Guidelines

CHILDREN: CDC Guidelines

* Temperatures of Participants, Coaches and Officials will be taken using Infrared Thermometers prior to taking any of the FCL athletics fields.

* When not coaching, coaches will wear face coverings.

* When not participating in active games, athletes and staff will remain 6-feet apart or more.

* Possessing any symptoms of Covid-19 will prevent any staff or participants from taking part in FCL.

* Athletes and Staff who have tested positive must have a doctors note and a positive test and possess no symptoms (see above) in order to be cleared to participate.

* No loitering at the fields. When your game is completed teams must leave the field area and agree not to congregate at the park. Prior to games teams may get together for administrative needs and temperature checks. 

* One parent per child is permitted to attend weekly games.

* Parents must wear face coverings when near a field and remain 6-feet apart or more. 

* Parents may not congregate in groups and are not permitted to approach teams once they have entered the game area surrounding the fields.

* Parents may be present with the trainer to assess any injury to their child provided they are wearing a face covering.

Thank you for helping us to navigate the era of Covid-19 together! We are proud to help children have opportunities to play sports and exercise with their teammates!

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